Our Team


Odimilson Silva, Owner

Odi, has been in construction for over 30 years. Starting out painting houses right after high school, he's learned how to build a house from the foundation up. Eighteen years ago he turned his passion into a business that focuses on the long-term goals and satisfaction of his clients.


Geovani Bento, Marketing Specialist

Geo, Has 30 years as a entrepreneurship business developer, Geo has created Flash Painters Inc. with the concept of helping others by providing jobs and opportunities trout great services, evolving good people and understanding the hole process.


Priscila Bento, Business Manager

Priscila has 20 years of experience working with Real Estate and Home Improvement. She leads the team in administrative HR and Sells Team. With a bit of background in design as well, not only is she able to talk you through the bottom line, she's happy to lend you her 'eye' as well!  

Our Partners